Master Lock 5401D

MLK5401D,Key Safe -  postbox keysafe
Reference : MLK5401D
Price : CHF55.00
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Founded in the Usa in 1921, Master lock is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of locks and padlocks. In 2002 Master lock launched its key safe range, with a focus on simplicity and affordability.

Originally released in 2002, but the subject of continual improved in the intervening period, the MLK5401 is Master locks 'standard' model developed specifically for the domestic user. It is simple, robust and inexpensive. The safe is opened using a four wheel combination lock. The code is readily changeable when the safe is opened so that you always stay in control.

The MLK5401 is perfectly adapted to the job of securely holding your keys and is frequently used by home owners to allow access for care workers, cleaners or children.

As a budget keysafe the MLK5401 is less sophisticated than some of the more expensive models. The lack of a full cover for the safe makes it less suitable than other models for exposed positions, but if installed in a sheltered position (in an alcove, an interior wall such as a garage or, as is frequently the case for care workers, on the inside of a post box) then the MLK5401 is more than sufficient.

External Dimensions : H 120 mm x W 83mm x D 38mm
Internal Dimensions : H 90 mm x W 64mm x D 27mm

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