The best quality key safes with combination code. Reliable and safe key management.

Classic Outdoor Key Safe

• key safe for outside house
• Prices from 50 CHF

Wall mounted Key Safe

Padlock Keysafe

• key safe with padlock
• Prices from 35 CHF

Padlock Keysafe

Key safe for car keys

• key safe lock box for cars
• 69 CHF

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Keysafe to hold car keys

Magnetic Key Safe

• Designed for your post box
• 52 CHF

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Magnetic key safe

Postbox Key Safe

• Fix with strong glue (supplied)
• Pices from 65 CHF

Postbox key safe

Supra C500 Pro, the best keysafe

Secure key safe, Recommended by UK police
CHF160.00  CHF 140.00

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The Supra C500 Pro,, the best keysafe on the market

⭐ Quality keysafes from the worlds best manufacturers

⭐ Secure key safes keeping your house keys safe

⭐ Key safe combination code can be changed by owner

⭐ Key safes for the home, for the elderly, for the car and much more

⭐ Free delivery for all key safes

⭐ Payment on receipt of invoice

Our Best Sellers

SUPRAS5,Secure Key Safe / Keysafe with code
CHF 70.00

All taxes included
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BURTONKG,Secure Key Safe / Keysafe with code
CHF 50.00

All taxes included
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MLK5401D,Secure Key Safe / Keysafe with code

CHF 55.00

All taxes included
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New Products

BELS17A,Secure Key Safe / Keysafe with code   BELS17A,Top quality KeySafe / Key safe at low prices
Ref : BELS17A
BELS17 Auto
The car keysafe
Very simple to use. Your car keys are safe while you swim, cycle, paddle board, hike in the mountains .. whatever you like !
CHF 69.00
All taxes included
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APMAGNETIC,Secure Key Safe / Keysafe with code   APMAGNETIC,Top quality KeySafe / Key safe at low prices
Access Point Magnetic
The magnetic keysafe
Very simple to install. No screws needed. Perfectly adapted for hiding a key in the letterbox.
CHF 52.00
All taxes included
 FREE Delivery