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What is a secure mechanical key safe with code - Keysafe - magnetic keysafe

q1 - Keysafe - Key Safe Have you ever arrived home and realised you havent got your house key ?
q2 -Keysafe -  postbox keysafe Did your children arrive home early and are waiting outside in the cold ?
q3 -keys - magnetic keysafe Fed up with constantly having to get new keys cut ?
The solution : The mechanical key safe with code

ex1- postbox keysafe - safe ex2-Key Safe - Key Safe ex3-magnetic keysafe - keys ex4-magnetic keysafe - safe
Our secure Key box with code is the simple and cost effective solution for many people.

The key safe with code was designed to keep your house key safe and secure, waiting until it is required to access to your home. The original wall mounted keysafe with code was designed for the real estate market in the USA where it was generally attached to the outside of a building. Although many variations now exist, such as the magnetic keysafe and the padlock key safe, the original wall mounted models remain the most popular. Recently certain models have also been installed within the letter box (where it can be attached using strong glue or strong Velcro) or attached to the window of vehicles!

The key safe with code is particularly popular with :

  • Families with school children. In our experience school children often forget their keys especially if they have to change school bags ... and receiving a phone call from your child who can not enter the house can create a real problem ... especially in winter.
  • Home care workers. Most home care companies now insist that a secure key box with code is installed at the property as key management for these companies can be extremely complicated otherwise.
  • The cleaning lady. If you have someone regularly visiting yout home but do not want to give them their own key (which they could lose) ... then the key safe with code is a good solution.
  • People working at a property. This could include the plumber, the electrician or similar.
  • Rental properties. Having a spare key easily accessible at a rental property can have numerous benefits and grreatly simplify passing keys between people who need them. For my families holiday home no one had the key. You simply arrived, took the key from the secure key safe, opened the door then returned the key to the secure key box. The keys for the property were on a hook inside the house and were used by everyone with the main key staying in the secure keysafe.
All of our secure key boxes are completely mechanical. This is very important for three main reasons.

A secure keysafe with code is an insurance .. so it must work when it is needed. It may be needed many times a day, once a month, once a year or even less frequently. No matter how often it is needed, it must be ready. If the secure keysafe with code had a battery, then this could fail. If the secure keysafe with code was connected to the power supply, then it would not work in a power cut.

As the secure keysafe with code does not require power, it can be fitted much more simply than if electricity is required. All it needs is four screws or if installed in the post box or milk box, some suitable strong glue or Velcro.

Electronic devices generally need to be updated. They also susceptible to viruses or other forms of attack. Mechanical devices do not have these issues.

So the mechanical solution, whilst possibly a little old fashioned is perfect for this situation. In addition, all of our secure keysafe with code have security codes which can be set by the owner. With all models of secure keysafe with code, changing the code is very simple.

ex5-magnetic keysafe - Key Safe

ex6-magnetic keysafe - Key Safe

ex7-milkbox keysafe - keys
We offer you many different types of secure key safe with code . Some are to be mounted on the wall, some use a padlock sytem for attaching to a rail or similar, some are magnetic while other still can be fixed with glue inside the post box.

Whilst the number and type of secure key safe with code have increased they still all adhere to the basic principal for which they were created.

A secure key safe with code give you a simple, yet secure and elegant solution to help manage your keys.

GE500 - Key Safe - Key Safe MLK5401D -  postbox keysafe - keys Yale 500 - safe - safe MLK5400d -  postbox keysafe - Keysafe MLK5415 - safe -  postbox keysafe SupraPort - milkbox keysafe - milkbox keysafe Supra S5 - keys - magnetic keysafe
There is a secure key safe with code for every need and every situation.

Order your top quality secure keysafe with code here today !