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The car key safe with secure car window attachment

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Our car key safe, the BELS17a lock box, offers you a convenient and simple way to keep your car keys safe and secure with your car so they are ready whenever you need them.

The car key safe has a numeric combination which you enter to open the safe and retrieve its contents. The car key safe is made from durable metal. It has a special attachement to fit over your car window and a non-scratch pad on the rear to protect the glass of your car window.

Our car key safe features a heavy-duty construction made with top-quality steel and a plastic cover for extra protection against weather conditions. The car window mount is sturdy and secure ensuring that the car key safe remains firmly attached to your vehicle. Four-digit combination, large capacity, easy to use. You can easily change the code at any time.

So why do you need a car key safe ?

Quite simply because a car key safe just makes our lives a little bit easier.

We have had a car key safe on each of ours cars for over 10 years and find them very useful. Here are just some of the occassions when we use our our car key safe :
  • When we walk / hike in the mountains
  • When we are Skiing
  • When we are paddle boarding
  • When we go for picnics / swimming in the lakes
  • When we go cycling (we like to explore different areas of switzerland so drive to different places then do a tour on the bikes)
  • When we park at the airport

The car key safe is generally kept inside the car, then when we want to use it we simply lower the window, hang the car key safe over the window, and cloe the window. Thats it - it can be installed in literally seconds !

Whether we go on our own or with friends, we have found that the car key safes gives us a number of benefits as :
  • we no longer take our keys with us when we go on activities in the mountains, so no chance of losing them !!
  • when we are paddle boarding I was always worried about the keys getting wet. This actually happenend to me and the key was extremely expensive to replace. With the car key safe this is no longer a problem.
  • if we go skiing or on long walks we often split into smaller groups. With the car key safe, whoever gets back to the car first can open the car key safe and retrieve the keys. This is very usefull if it is cold or raining.
  • the car key safe can act as a temporary key safe for house keys when on holiday. When we rented a holiday home, some of us wanted to cycling, others to the beach. With the car key safe, the last person to leave the holiday home put the key in the car key safe, and the first person back wasn't locked out ! No one was ever waiting for the person with the keys to return !!
  • when we drive to the airport for a trip, we do not have to take our keys with us .. and we know they will be with the car waiting for our return.
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Having a car key safe makes our lives a little bit easier and certainly causes me a lot less stress as I no longer have to worry about losing my car keys or about dropping threm in a lake !

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