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The best key safe - the Supra 500 Pro

The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 1 The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 3 The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 4 The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 2
Security is a very high priority for homeowners. The Supra 500 Pro has achieved the Police Preferred specification, an award given to products specifically designed to improve home security. In fact, it was the first mechanical key safe to achieve the 'LPCB LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 attack rating' and ‘Secured by Design’ Police Preferred Specification and with well over 1 million units sold in the UK alone, the Supra 500 Pro key safe is the best-selling police preferred key safe.

Featuring robust anti-theft construction the Supra 500 Pro is made using hardened Zinc Alloy which is caste in a single piece. Its robust construction makes it extremely attack resistant. Made using only the best quality materials, the Supra 500 Pro key safe is also rust and water resistant.

The Supra 500 Pro is purely mechanical. This means that it doesn’t require a power supply, batteries or an internet connection. This ensures that you and your family always have fast and reliable access to your keys even during a power outage !

The Supra 500 Pro key safe is not only the most popular Police Preferred key safe with the public, it is also the most popular choice with businesses, local authorities and housing associations in the UK.

What is a police preferred key safe?

Not all key safes are equal! Whilst there are numerous devices designed to manage keys on the market, most do not offer the optimum level of home security. When considering which key safe is best for your needs consider choosing a key safe which has been independently tested and certified if you’re looking for peace of mind, as well as convenience.

The Supra 500 Pro Police preferred key safe has been rigorously tested to withstand physical attacks and allow safe and secure key sharing.
The Supra 500 Pro keysafe is the best mechanical key safe on the market. Amongst its many benefits are :
  • Weather resistant

    The Supra 500 Pro includes a full height weather cover which protects it from the elements. It been tested to work in extreme temperatures and weather conditions making it suitable for all uses in Switzerland, including ski chalets.

  • User changeable combination

    As the security code can contain upto 12 digits, you can choose your own combination using anywhere between 1 and 12 digits. This gives many thousands of possible code combinations. Changing your code is simple and you can change your code as often as you wish using the code changing tool included.

  • Large storage compartment

    The Supra C500 Pro can hold up to 6 keys.

  • Strong and secure

    The Supra 500 Pro is amongst the strongest and most secure key safe available today.

Why homeowners and businesses install a key safe

There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses install a key safe. Some of the most comon reasons are
  • Children

    Rather than giving each child their own key to your home, simply give them the code to the key safe. This ensures that no only is the key always there when they need it, but also that they wont lose it !

  • Spare key

    We all like to have a spare key in case of emergencies. Many keep a key under a mat or flower pot but insurance companies take a very dim view of this if a burglar uses a hidden key to enter your property.

  • Access for the cleaning lady / contractors

    Why give people working on your property their own key ? If they lose it things can get very complicated, and it is always better if you control who has access to your keys.

  • Access to a holiday home / chalet

    Rather than having to pass a key to family or guests, simply give them the code to collect the key when they arrive.

  • Access for home care companies

    Most home care companies now insist on customers installing a key safe to simplify their key management.
The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 5 The Supra 500 Pro - The best mechanical key safe - image 6
The Supra 500 Pro has been designed to be secure, easy to use, long lasting and reliable.

The Supra 500 Pro Key safe does not need a specialist to install it, and any competent handy man can carry out the installation. It simply requires four screws to be fixed through the back of the key safe to any flat surface (preferably a solid wall of a house). Simply open the key safe, position it where it is to be fitted, make a mark through the fixing holes in the rear wall of the keysafe, drill the wall if necessary, then fit the screws through the back of the keysafe and fix to the wall. Thats it !

To order your Supra 500 Pro UK police preferred key safe, simply click on the link below.


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