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Catalogue - Access Point Magnetic

Access Point Magnetic

The magnetic keysafe

APMAGNETIC,Key Safe - magnetic keysafe
Reference : APMAGNETIC
Price : CHF52.00
All taxes included

Perfect for attaching to a letter box if a wall mounted solution is not desirable, the Kidde Access Point Magnetic key safe allows 1 or 2 keys to be stored.

  • Locking key case with resettable combination
  • Attaches to almost any surface using a powerful magnet or adhesive tape provided
  • Easy key retrieval and foam insert keep key from falling out.
  • Equipped with anchor point for strap or cable tie.
  • Outside Dimensions: 55 mm wide x 85 mm long x 25 mm deep

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The Post Box Key Safes

The most secure key safe installation is to firmly screw your key safe to a solid wall. As this is not always possible, other installation methods have been created.

With the postbox we suggest 3 different installation options, each of which has positive elements and less positive elements.

The key safe with glue uses a traditional Master Lock 5401 key safe and make a very secure fixing, in many respects similar to attaching it to a wall fixing. This type of installation should be regarded as permanent as it is very difficult (or even impossible) to remove.

For people wanting a key safe but not a permanent installation, there are an additional 2 options.

Firstly the magnetic key safe. This is a lightweight, mostly plastic key safe that can hold one standard key. The magnet allows it to be attached to any metal surface and effectively hides the key. The combination ensures that if it is discovered there is still some time and effort required to release the key (either by smashing the safe or by guessing the combination (3 digits allows 999 possible combinations)) but it is undoubtedly the least secure key safe. It is still much better than hiding a key with no protection, but not the level of security you have with traditional key safes. The magnetic key safe is however, quite popular .....

The key safe with Velcro uses the Master lock 5401, the most popular key safe in the world. Attached to the rear of a post box it will take some force to remove it. I have a test model here and I can remove it with just my hands ... but only if I try very, very hard. The fixing is breakable but it requires a lot of effort and of course, any thief would not know this. Once removed you would need to break into the safe which is essentially a solid metal box. This could not be done without appropriate tools, and if you had those tools it would probably be easier for the thief to open a locked door or window.

The magnetic key safe

The magnetic key safe is a small, lightweight key safe that utilizes magnets to securely attach to a metallic surface, providing a convenient and accessible storage solution for a house key. These safes are commonly used for emergency access or to share keys with authorized individuals. Here are key features and considerations for magnetic key safes:
  • Design:

    The magnetic key safe has a compact and weather-resistant design. It consists of a strong magnetic backing and a compartment to securely hold a single keys.

  • Magnetic Backing:

    The magnetic backing is a crucial component that allows the key safe to adhere to metallic surfaces such as a post box. The strength of the magnets is designed to provide a secure attachment.

  • Key Compartment:

    The storage compartment is able to accommodate a single standard key. It can be opened with a combination code.

  • Combination Lock:

    The magnetic key safes has a 3 digit combination lock mechanism to secure the contents inside. Users set a unique code that must be entered to open the safe.

  • Ease of Installation:

    Installation of a magnetic key safe is very straightforward. It involves finding a suitable metallic surface, cleaning it, and attaching the safe using the magnetic backing.

  • Temporary Use:

    Magnetic key safes are often used for temporary access needs, such as providing access to a property for service personnel, guests, or renters. They are not intended for long-term, high-security applications.

  • Security Considerations:

    While convenient, it's important to note that magnetic key safes have limitations in terms of security. They are not as robust as in-wall or heavy-duty safes. Consider the level of security needed for your specific use case.

  • Code Reset:

    The magnetic key safes allow users to reset the combination code. This can be useful if there is a need to change the access code periodically or if access needs to be granted to different individuals.

  • Hidden Placement:

    To enhance security, users should place the magnetic key safe in a discreet or hidden location to minimize the risk of unauthorized access.

While magnetic key safes offer convenience, it's important to assess the specific security requirements of your situation. For high-security needs, the key safe with Velcro offers greater security but is still able to removed when no longer required.