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Catalogue - BELS17 Auto

BELS17 Auto

The car keysafe

BELS17A,milkbox keysafe - Keysafe
Reference : BELS17A
Price : CHF69.00
All taxes included

The Vehicle key safe allows secure access to your car keys

Ideal for safely storing your car keys when you walk in the mountains, enjoy water sports such as rafting or paddle boarding, when you mountain bike or ..... whatever the reason, leave the car keys safe and secure in the Key Safe auto and enjoy yourself without worrying about losing your keys or getting them wet !

Also suitable for commercial vehicles.
  • Weather resistant
  • Discrete Design
  • External (Height/Width/Depth mm) 125x80x43
  • Internal (Height/Width/Depth mm) 70x65x20
  • Weight 0.58kg

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Car window key safe with 4 digit combination

The BELS17A window key box is a solid metal keysafe. Painted black it sits discretely on your car window. The protective foam pad attached to the rear of the key safe ensures that you do not scratch the car or the glass. It is easy to use with its 4 digit combination set by the owner. The combination can be changed as many times as you want.

Durable design: This key safe for the car features a sturdy metal construction. Made using waterproof and rustproof metal it will last many years.

Large capacity: This key safe for the car is the perfect solution for anyone needing to store keys for their vehicle. It is large enough to contain most car keys or a bunch of keys.

Versatility: The window attachment can be used with almost any vehicle. If you have a window that can be lowered and raised then the car key safe can be fitted to the vehicle. Suitable for personal or commercial purposes, it makes car sharing practical.

Easy to install: The key safe for the car can be mounted in seconds to any car window. Securely attach it to your vehicle by simply raising your car window with the car key safe mounted over the top of the window glass, very simple.