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Catalogue - Supra/GE 500 Pro

Supra/GE 500 Pro

Police Accreditation

GE500,keys - keys
Reference : GE500
Price : CHF160.00 CHF140.00
All taxes included

The KeySafe PRO is the latest in the Supra / GE KeySafe range. The security of the C500 is the highest level ever awarded to a key safe in the UK, achieving LPS1175 level 1 accreditation.

The GE500 Pro KeySafe™ is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and a thick zinc-alloy shell. It has a double wall construction. A stainless plate around the buttons adds additional security and is scratch and fingerprint resistant. The heavy duty locking mechanism uses a long-travel bolt, making it extremely pry-resistant. A clutch mechanism prevents the handle from being forced open. If the C500 is locked and the handle is turned with force, the handle slips and turns easily without opening. Just turn the handle back to the closed position until it clicks to re-latch the handle.

Features :
  • Solid Metal Construction
  • Easy Push Button Access
  • No Power Source Required
  • Store 5+ Keys
  • Weather Cover Included
  • External Dimensions: H 149mm x W 81mm x D 63mm
  • Internal Dimensions: H 81mm x W 50mm x D 22mm
  • Weight : 1.80kg

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The Supra/ GE 500 Pro, the 'Police Preferred KeySafe'

The Supra/ GE 500 Pro is the original UK 'police preferred key safe' and has a security rating as being as secure as your front door. It remains one of a very small number of key safes to have obtained this accreditation in the UK where it is the key safe recommended by police.

When choosing your key safe there are a number of factors to consider, but if you decide that a wall mounted key safe is the prefered solution for your needs, then choosing the Supra/ GE 500 Pro will ensure you have the most secure solution on the market, giving much more peace of mind.

Installing the Supra/ GE 500 is straightforward. The instructions include a template directing you where to drill the four holes to securely fasten the key safe, and once you have decided exactly where to position your key safe, it can be fixed in five minutes or so.

Having a good quality key safe can make life a lot easier, especially if you have children or to grant access to friends or family at short notice.