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Catalogue - Post box key safe with Glue

Post box key safe with Glue

MLK5401 With STRONG Glue

MILKBOX_5401KLEB,milkbox keysafe -  postbox keysafe
Reference : MILKBOX_5401KLEB
Price : CHF70.00 CHF65.00
All taxes included

The MasterLock 5401 key safe for the post box with Glue

Designed as a wall mounted keysafe, and often used for this purpose, the MLK5401 is also often used in Switzerland for attaching within the letter box. Frequently used by care companies, the key safe has a four wheel combination which can be changed as required by the owner. The size and weight of this key safe make it suitable for installation in most post boxes.

The key safe for the post box should be attached using the Pattex Kleben Statt Bohren glue supplied (please read our "postbox key safe" page for more information and always follow manufacturers instructions).
  • Pattex Kleben Statt Bohren can be used in temperatures from -30°c to + 80°c
  • Solvent Free
  • Designed for strong fixings. Fully dry in 24 hours.
  • External dimensions: H 120mm x W 83mm x D 38mm
  • Internal dimensions: H 90mm x W 64mm x D 27mm

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