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Catalogue - The Postbox keysafe wih Velcro

The Postbox keysafe wih Velcro

The removable key safe

MILKBOX_5401VEL,Keysafe - safe
Reference : MILKBOX_5401VEL
Price : CHF65.00
All taxes included

The key safe for the post box with Velcro combines the ever popular MasterLock 5401 key safe, with Heavy Duty Velcro Stick On Tape. This combination gives a number of significant advantages over other solutions.

The super strong, heavy duty, double sided Velcro tape provides an extra strong, no nails adhesive with holding power designed for heavy-duty application. This double sided adhesive tape safely holds up to 7kg per 50mm x 100mm.

The installation can be made in literally seconds, and the Key Safe for the post box is ready to go. If eventually the Key Safe is no longer required, for example if you move, the Key Safe can be remove.
  • 10cm x 5cm length of heavy duty, strong velcro supplied
  • Install in seconds, no tools required
  • External dimensions: H 120mm x W 83mm x D 38mm
  • Internal dimensions: H 90mm x W 64mm x D 27mm
  • Semi Permanent - Can be removed

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The semi permanent key safe for the letter box

Key safes are used for a number of purposes. The most common uses in Switzerland are firstly as a way to store a spare key for emergencies, secondly allow school aged children to access the home if no one else is at home, and thirdly for home care companies to have access to a key to assist elderly patients.

In the first two cases, the general storage of a spare key and for school aged children, a key safe is there to make our lives easier. In the case of home care companies, however, it is generally a prerequisite to have a key safe so that the home care companies are able to access the property when needed.

So, you either want to make your (and your families) life a little easier by installing a key safe, or you need to install one for a home care company to use. There are a number of different types of key safes on the market that can be affixed in different ways.

The most common type of key safe is the wall mounted key safe. In this scenario the key safe is attached using four screws to affix the rear of the key safe to the flat surface selected.

There are also a number of padlock style key safes which are designed to be fixed to a railing or such like.

More and more popular in Switzerland is the key safe for the post box. Generally the ever popular Master Lock 5401 key safe is used for this purpose because of its size and weight, and initially this was affixed using a strong glue. While this solution suited many people, for people renting a property, the inability to remove the key safe at the end of their tenancy is a potential problem.

In Switzerland all properties have a post box with a large compartment for packages which is an ideal location to install a key safe. The problem has been the permanent nature of the installation.

To resolve this issue we now propose the Master lock 5401D, the world favorite key safe, which is fixed using super strong Velcro. This creates a very strong fixing, but one which can be removed when no longer required. The Velcro is simply attached to the rear of the key safe which is then positioned at the rear of the post box. Removing the key safe requires a significant force, and generally a lever of some sort.

The key safe for the post box with Velcro is now our most popular product for people who are renting properties and for those using home care companies.