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Catalogue - Post box Key safe with glue

Post box Key safe with glue

Supra S5 With Glue

MILKBOX_S5KLEB,magnetic keysafe - Keysafe
Reference : MILKBOX_S5KLEB
Price : CHF100.00 CHF85.00
All taxes included

The Supra S5 key safe for the post box with Glue

The Supra S5 | Kidde permanent is the original key safe developed for the american market. Strong, simple to use, with a full cover and push button combination, it remains one of the market leaders even today.

The key box for the post box should be attached using the Pattex glue supplied (please read our "post box key safe" page for more information and always follow the manufacturers instructions).

Features of Supra S5 | Kidde Permanent post box Key safe with Pattex glue :
  • Pattex glue can be used in temperatures from -30°c to + 80°c
  • Without solvent
  • Designed for strong fixings. Fully dry and permanent in 24 hours
  • 10 Digit push button code offers many possible combinations
  • External dimensions: H 104mm x W 64mm x D 49mm
  • Internal dimensions: H 70mm x W 39mm x D 25mm
  • Weight: 0.900 kg

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Keysafe for Mailbox : Supra S5 photo1 Push button Key safe for mailbox : Supra S5 photo2 Push button Key box for post box : Supra S5 photo3 Push button Keysafe for post box : Supra S5 photo4 Push Button Keysafe for post box : Supra S5 photo5 Kidde Keysafe for Mailbox : Supra S5 photo6 Kidde Key box for mailbox : Supra S5 photo7 Push button Keysafe for post box : Supra S5 photo8 Push button Keysafe for post box : Supra S5 photo9

The key safe with code for the post box

Supra/GE developed the world's first key safe (the very popular S5) in the 1970s for estate agents in the United States. Several decades later, the mechanical key safe has remained largely unchanged from the original models, but it has now found many more customers, including families, businesses and, increasingly, home help companies who use key safes to greatly simplify key management issues.

The basic concept of the key safe remains the cornerstone of its success. A key safe is a sturdy metal box whose door is fitted with a mechanical lock that opens the safe when the correct code is entered. It's as simple as that.

The most common way to install a key box is to fix it to the outside wall of a property (which was the original design of the S5), but other fixing options have been developed over time, such as shackle key boxes which can be fixed to a railing or similar, the car key box which is fixed above a car window and the letterbox key box which is fixed using strong glue or Velcro.

The letterbox key box is becoming increasingly popular because it is so easy to install and requires no tools or DIY skills.