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Catalogue - Master Lock 5401D

Master Lock 5401D

Wheel Combination

MLK5401D,milkbox keysafe - keys
Reference : MLK5401D
Price : CHF55.00
All taxes included

Master locks 'standard' key safe, the mlk5401 was specifically created for the domestic user. Simple, robust and inexpensive, the key safe features a user changeable, four wheel combination code.

The MLK5401 is one of the most popular key safes and is frequently installed to grant access to care workers, cleaners and children.

A budget key safe, the MLK5401 is best deployed in sheltered position (in an alcove, an interior wall such as a garage or, as is frequently the case for care workers, on the inside of a post box) as its lack of a 'full cover' makes it less suitable than other models for exposed positions.

External Dimensions : H 120 mm x W 83mm x D 38mm
Internal Dimensions : H 90 mm x W 64mm x D 27mm

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