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Catalogue - Master Lock 5401D

Master Lock 5401D

Wheel Combination

MLK5401D,Keysafe - milkbox keysafe
Reference : MLK5401D
Price : CHF55.00
All taxes included

Master locks 'standard' key safe, the mlk5401 was specifically created for the domestic user. Simple, robust and inexpensive, the key safe features a user changeable, four wheel combination code.

The MLK5401 is one of the most popular key safes and is frequently installed to grant access to care workers, cleaners and children.

A budget key safe, the MLK5401 is best deployed in sheltered position (in an alcove, an interior wall such as a garage or, as is frequently the case for care workers, on the inside of a post box) as its lack of a 'full cover' makes it less suitable than other models for exposed positions.

External Dimensions : H 120 mm x W 83mm x D 38mm
Internal Dimensions : H 90 mm x W 64mm x D 27mm

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About the Master Lock 5401D Key Safe

Founded in 1921 by Harry Soref in Milwaukee, USA, Master lock grew rapidly from humble begins until in the 1970's they became the worlds largest padlock producer.

In 2002 Master lock introduced a range of key safes including the 5400D padlock style key safe and the wall mounted 5401D. By 2020 the Master lock 5401D was the world’s best-selling outdoor key safe.

The 5401D is competitively priced and has excellent build quality. It has a very simple design and is very easy to use, making it suitable for young and old alike. The compartments is able to store most keys and it has a rustproof aluminium body. The four digit combination allows user to choose from 9,999 possible combinations.

The important features are the build quality, reliability and modest price. This has made the 5401D very popular with home help companies and families with young children.