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Catalogue - Master Lock 5403 XXL

Master Lock 5403 XXL

Large Compartment

MLK5403,keys - Key Safe
Reference : MLK5403
Price : CHF85.00 CHF80.00
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In response to requests for a larger keysafe, MasterLock now bring you the MasterLock 5403E - boasting the largest internal storage of any keysafe on the market.

All the high quality features of the MLK5401 have been replicated here but in a larger size so that it provides the ability to store larger keys and other items such as credit cards or security cards.
  • External : W:105 mm x H:146 mm x D:51 mm
  • Internal : W:79 mm x H: 117 x D : 42 mm
  • Weight (kg): 0.865

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Why are there different sizes of key safes

Different sizes of key safes are available to accommodate varying needs and usage scenarios. The choice of size depends on factors such as the size of keys, the number of keys or the size of items such as access cards to be stored. Here are some reasons why key safes come in different sizes:
  • Capacity:

    One of the primary reasons for different sizes is to provide various storage capacities. Some users may only need a small key safe to store a single key or a few keys, while others may require a larger capacity to store large keys, multiple keys, access cards, or other items.

  • Flexibility:

    Offering key safes in different sizes allows for greater flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of users. Homeowners, businesses, and organizations have different requirements, and a range of sizes ensures that there's a key safe suitable for various applications.

  • Space Constraints:

    In some instances, users may have limited space for installing a key safe. Smaller-sized key safes are ideal for compact spaces, such as narrow walls or confined areas.

  • Versatility:

    Different sizes cater to the versatility of key safe applications. Larger key safes may be suitable for commercial or industrial settings where numerous keys or access cards need to be securely stored.

  • Specific Uses:

    Certain key safes are designed for specific uses, such as car key safes for automotive purposes. The size and design of these safes are tailored to the dimensions of car keys and related items.

  • Ease of Installation:

    Depending on the installation location, a smaller key safe might be more practical and easier to install than a larger one. This is particularly relevant for residential settings where a discrete and easy-to-install solution may be preferred.

Ultimately, the availability of different sizes ensures that there is a key safe suitable for a wide range of users and purposes. Users can choose the size that aligns with their specific needs, ensuring that their keys and valuable items are securely stored.