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Catalogue - Master Lock 5415

Master Lock 5415

Strong and discrete

MLK5415,safe - safe
Reference : MLK5415
Price : CHF75.00
All taxes included

The MasterLock MLK5415 reinforced security key safe is suitable for a wide variety of applications including: Normal domestic use (children etc), Holiday homes, Caravans, Home care worker access.
  • Maximum Security
  • Solid Zinc body to resist against hammering or sawing
  • Weather resistant – suitable for outdoor use
  • 4-digit programmable combination offering
  • 10,000 possible codes
  • Wider spaced dials for ease of use
  • Dual locking levers
  • Protective plastic door
  • External – H130 x W95 x D50mm
  • Internal – H112 x W65 x D32mm
  • Weight – 1.48kg

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The Master Lock 5415 - reinforced security

The Master Lock 5415 key safe is designed for secure storage of keys or access cards. It is a wall-mounted key safe that provides controlled access to keys for authorized individuals.

Here are some general features associated with the Master Lock 5415 key safe:
  • Wall-mounted design:

    The Master Lock 5415 is designed to be mounted on a wall, providing a secure and easily accessible location for storing keys or access cards.

  • Large internal capacity:

    This key safe offers a larger internal space to accommodate multiple keys, key cards, or other small items.

  • Durable construction:

    The Master Lock 5415 key safe is made of durable materials to withstand weather conditions and resist tampering.

  • Combination Lock:

    The Master Lock 5415 key safe features a wheel type, 4 digit combination. This allows authorized users to access the keys or cards by entering a predetermined code.

  • Weather Resistance:

    The Master Lock 5415 key safe features a hinged, weather-resistant, cover making it suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Security Features:

    The Master Lock 5415 key safe is equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized access, providing a secure storage solution.