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Catalogue - Supra S5 - The Original

Supra S5 - The Original

Key Safe WITH Cover

SUPRAS5,safe -  postbox keysafe
Reference : SUPRAS5
Price : CHF85.00 CHF70.00
All taxes included

The Permanent GE KeySafe™ , key box, provides convenient, managed access to stored keys (max. 5). The StrongBox design has a solid track record for unmatched quality and security in residential and small business applications. The code can be changed anytime for added security.

The Permanent GE KeySafe™ stores 4-5 yale keys or 1-2 chubb keys eand is supplied with a black neoprene cover to protect the KeySafe from the elements and hide it away from view.

Features :
  • Mechanical push button combination lock
  • 10 buttons offer increased entry code capacity and extra security
  • Holds 4 - 5 Yale or 1 - 2 Chubb Keys
  • Easy to Install
  • Quick Change Push-Button Combination
  • Manual Operation
  • No Maintenance
  • No Power Source Required
  • External Size : H108 x W58 x D51 mm
  • Internal Size : H70 x W38 x D32 mm

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The GE/Supra S5 key safe Permanent

Still a very popular choice today, the S5 Permanent key safe was the very first key safe developed in the USA in the 1970's. Featuring thick, rustproof construction in zinc alloy metal the S5 can hold up to 5 yale kes. Its interlocking face-plate gives a very high degree of security which is enhanced by the the full neoprene cover which renders the key safe almost invisible if installed next to pipes or such like as it resembles an electric junction box.

The key safe itself is very simple to install, simple to use and reliable.

Over the years the design of the S5 key safe has remained unchanged, but its name has gone through many iterations. Originally called the GE S5, it is also known as the Supra S5, The Kidde Permanent, Kidde AccessPoint S5, StoraKey Permanent and others !