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Catalogue - Yale 500

Yale 500

Strong and simple to use

Y500,magnetic keysafe -  postbox keysafe
Reference : Y500
Price : CHF85.00 CHF80.00
All taxes included

Known as a premium manufacturer of door locks and handles, Yale is a trusted name worldwide in door security.

The Yale 500 keysafe is the only model available from Yale. Priced in the middle of the market it is a robust, easy to use key safe. Because it lacks of a full cover, it is less suitable for installations which are exposed to the weather.

Ideal for use by care workers, children, cleaners or workmen the Yale Y500 has a reinforced body to withstand hammering and sawing.

  • Weatherproof
  • Die-Cast Body
  • 4 wheel resettable combination
  • Easy to install
  • Concealed Fixings
  • External Dimensions : 187 x 130 x 39mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal Dimensions : 100 x 62 x 30mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight : 0.715 kg

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Setting the combination of your Yale 500 key safe

The combination for your Yale Y500 key safe can be set (and reset) when the door is open. Enter the existing combination code to open the compartment doorthen, once the door is open, simply locate the lever on the inside of the door and move it to the position indicated.

Once the lever has been moved, turn the combination dials so that the new combination code is shown. To change the combination code to this new number, simply return the lever to its original position.

When this has been done, close the door and scramble all of the numbered dials - the safe is now locked. To open the safe turn the dials to show the new code you have selected.

You can change you code whenever you like, especially if people have used the combination code who no longer require access to your home. When you change your code it is a good idea to keep a note of the new combination, but keep it hidden where only you can access it.

About Yale

Yale is a well-known brand that has a rich history in the field of security and lock products. The company was founded in the United States in 1844 by Linus Yale Jr., who is credited with inventing the pin tumbler lock, a design that greatly improved the security of locks. The Yale brand has since become synonymous with quality and innovation in the security industry.

Yale is renowned for its locks and security solutions. The company produces a wide range of products, including door locks, padlocks, safes, access control systems, and more.

Yale has a history of innovation in lock and security technology. Over the years, Yale has continued to develop cutting-edge security solutions and it is a global brand with a presence in many countries. It operates as part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of access solutions and security products.

Yale manufactures safes designed to secure valuables and important documents. The company also produces key safes, which are secure containers for storing keys and providing authorized access.